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The Quality of People Images

If you haven’t heard of yet, it’s time to get yourself aquianted. is a relative new comer to the stock photography game, with it’s formal launch in 2012, but the agency has already done big things in the short time it has been around.  Part of their success can be credited to the fact that PeopleImages is a well run business that treats their customers right.  But a big contributing factor to PeopleImages’ staggering popularity is the vendor’s founder, world renowned photographer Yuri Arcurs.

PeopleImages.Com: An Artist’s Site For Artists

Before founding PeopleImages, Yuri Arcurs was the most successful stock photographer in the world thanks to his successful deals with just about every big stock agency.  And when he decided to start his own business and sell images directly to customers, Arcurs set out to make a site bye and for artists.  Arcurs is an amazing photographer who cares about aesthetics and art beyond just commercial success, and that commitment to artistry shines through at PeopleImages.

All of the imagery on PeopleImages is incredibly high quality.  Resolution rates start much higher than they do at most agencies, and there are some truly huge images available for bigger projects.  This obsession with high quality comes from a commitment to artistry, and an understanding that even the best photographer’s work won’t look good in a poor quality image.  Each and every image on PeopleImages is curated by a real artist and selected for it’s excellence, and Arcurs even claims that he doesn’t use 95% of shots or more.  It’s clear based on the quality of the imagery you find on PeopleImages as well as the site’s overall philosophy that this is a vendor in it for the artistry.

Yuri Arcurs:  Founder With a Vision

Arcurs didn’t found PeopleImages for money reasons: he was already the top paid stock photographer in the world when he launched his own site.  Instead, PeopleImages was born out of Arcurs’ deep experience within the industry, and was founded in response to issues he had with existing agencies.

For these reasons, you won’t find anything but the highest quality images on  This site was founded with a vision, and Yuri Arcurs’ artistry and mission shine through every element of this agency.  If you are looking for high quality imagery from a world class source, you won’t find much better than the collections on PeopleImages.

Get Fresh Inspiration Daily with Alamy Pictures


Considered to have the world’s largest stock photo collection in the market, Alamy (read review here) does not disappoint with over 69 million high quality stock images, vectors and videos. The stock site continues to provide fresh inspiration to creative professionals around the world with over 65,000 new images added daily. Furthermore, it boasts special features that make it the best option for one-time buyers.

How do Alamy pictures inspire creative professionals like you? It is simple. You can get a greater choice of creative images. The stock photo website offers scale, variety and quality that you will not find anywhere else. You can get inspiration from photographers around the world, featured photographers, photographer interviews, and other themed categories. More impressively, they are all organized by month.

  • Latest Imagery. The latest Alamy pictures are highlighted in the website, giving you access to the newest additions in the collection. Sport, live news and entertainment images are added every week along with stock images and amazing video clips. The stock photo site also offers reliable recommendations from its editor. You can check out the Editor’s Choice of the month for awesome collections.
  • Featured Photographers. You can also get inspiration from Alamy’s best photographers. Learn about their life’s work and their visions by reading short biographies about them. Find out how they started and what awards they have received. You can also view their collection from the page and access their personal websites.
  • Photographer Interviews. Alamy goes one on one with their photographers through detailed interviews about their photography and passion. Get inspiration from every photographer’s struggles and triumphs to create amazing works of art. Also, learn about their life, their hobbies and the impact of photography to their lives.
  • Themed Categories. Get more inspiration from Alamy’s themed categories. This month’s featured categories include Autumn, Book Covers, Christmas, and Science and Healthcare. All in all, the stock photo site has 55 categories, where you can access and download stock images of all kinds, sizes and resolutions.

Alamy is dedicated to provide creative professionals with new images to give them fresh inspiration everyday. The website outsources content from all around the world. Over 36,000 individual photographers contribute to make the world’s largest stock collection even bigger. The website also outsource content from 600 other photo agencies. In a word, you will be getting creative content from 173 countries.

Alamy pictures do not only complete creative projects, they also inspire creative professionals around the world to create amazing works of art. Get your own share of daily inspiration by visiting the stock photo website. If not, you can always download the stock photos to complement your message and theme. The stock site is great for one-time buyers, giving you greater overall savings than credit-based agencies.

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Cheap Stock Photos

Are you looking for cheap stock photos for your website or blog? A lot of cheap stock photos are available over the internet. Some of them are good. Some are not. If you are trying to find images, then you need to make sure that they don’t suck. Luckily, we offer you some tips and advice on how to find stock photos that will help you establish your brand. Here are 4 of the common mistakes you need to avoid when looking for stock photos.

  1. Getting FREE photos because they are cheaper and easier.
    That’s true. They are definitely easier and certainly cost nothing, but they are also scarce. It may take you awhile to find the photo that best complements your core message. Also, you will be neglecting the efforts of our artists and photographers. Keep in mind that every download from stock photo sites such as Shutterstock, iStock and Depositphotos generates a royalty for artists. They are not difficult to navigate as well. Even if you are just starting with your website, you can easily find the photos you need to fill your creative projects. Besides, good imagery is affordable and worth your money unlike other business expenses. 
  1. Failing to acquire a permit in writing.
    Free photos do not give you licenses to use these photos. This could have legal implications due to violation of copyright. When you get cheap stock photos from a reputable site, you are allowed to use the images as stated in the agreement. This agreement will protect both you and the contributor.   
  1. Trusting websites with free for commercial use images.
    Images that are labeled free for commercial use is all over the Internet. They are often mistaken for copyright images, but that is not true most of the time. Just because someone labeled it as free to use does not mean it is. On the other hand, cheap stock photos from stock agencies are reviewed for legal issues and quality standards. 
  1. Assuming that the first page is what all there is.
    In stock photo agencies, the most popular are often found on the first page. It is very common for customers to get the simplest image. That’s why they end up higher in the search order. However, if you dig a little deeper, you will find that there is a wider variety of cheap stock photos. I’m sure there is one to suit your creative needs.

 With these 4 common mistakes to avoid when finding cheap stock photos, I hope that you finally realize the importance of getting them from a reputable stock photo website. Although they will cost your money, I assure you they are worth the investment. You wouldn’t want to face any legal problems, do you? So, support our artists and photographers. Pick cheap stock photos instead of free ones.